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16 Personal Branding Tips for 2016

Happy New Year!

Here are 16 ways you can dramatically improve your personal brand and elevate your level of recognized authority in the coming year.

Implement just the first three and we’ll be seeing you on the red carpet by fall.

Put all 16 to work and there’s little doubt you’ll be participating in the 2020 Presidential debates!

  1. Microspecialize
  2. Get Your Story Straight
  3. Write That Book
  4. Present an Attractive Character
  5. Educate and Advocate
  6. Book Your Podcast Tour
  7. Generate Content
  8. Teach That Class
  9. Get A Little Famous On Facebook
  10. Generate Publicity (even if you’re introverted)
  11. Face Death
  12. Prepare for Digital Prime
  13. Become A Star
  14. Make News Before It’s News
  15. Start The Snowball Rolling
  16. Make It Stick

Wishing you the greatest success in 2016, Frank