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Brian Horn understands Recognized Authority.

He has been featured in media outlets like ABC, CBS, Forbes and Advertising Age.

The Wall Street Journal said of Brian:

Horn’s ability to make a client into the Google Authority of their niche is simply remarkable.

And, as the Journal stated, after achieving expert status himself, Brian has helped scores of clients achieve authority status in industries ranging from pop music and MMA fighting to everyday businesses like the one you run.

Most recently, Brian Horn began teaching regular folks like you and me how to gain recognition.

His techniques have helped me immensely and now I am helping my clients use them to achieve the same results.

Brian is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and in a recent column he laid out 7 Steps To Becoming An Expert In Your Field.

  1. Become an advocate and educator for your customers
  2. Micro-Specialize
  3. Write articles for news sites and professional publications
  4. Write a book using the problem-solution format
  5. Start speaking
  6. Get interviewed on radio shows and podcast
  7. Use trust triggers

Please take a moment to read the Entrepreneur.com article and let me know what you think.