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On Facebook your ad can be seen by over 1 billion people.

Who cares?

I only want to be in front of a small number of people who have a high propensity to buy my product or service.

But I want to be in front of them all of the time.

Which is why Facebook is exactly where I want to be.

Three reasons why:

  1. Most of your prospects are on Facebook (whether they would admit it or not)
  2. The average American Facebook user spends 40 minutes there every day
  3. You can put Facebook ads in front of EXACTLY the people you want to see them

That’s right, I said it: you can place Facebook ads in front of ONLY the eyeballs you choose.

Very inexpensively.

How? By uploading your contact list to Facebook and targeting ONLY that list with your ads.

Over and over and over again. Positioning you top-of-mind with your highest-value prospects.

Which is exactly where a recognized authority wants to be.

A little famous on Facebook.