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Authority Positioning from Digital Media Positioning

No matter your industry or specialty, a small number of your peers are seen as authorities, commanding higher fees, speaking at trade conferences, being quoted in the press and enjoying an endless stream of demand for their services.

These people are not necessarily the most knowledgeable in their field, they are instead the most well-known. And more often than not, their authority positioning did not occur by accident. Rather it was the result of a clear objective, an effective strategy and the continuous application of a sequence of time-tested tactics.

Oscar Wilde

Oscar WildeThe modern strategy of authority positioning actually began with Oscar Wilde in the 19th century. Though he is best known for his novel The Picture Of Dorian Gray, we remember Wilde today because of the yearlong speaking tour he embarked on across the United States in 1882.

With little more than bravado and a burning desire to become famous, Oscar Wilde gave flamboyant presentations on personal fashion and tasteful home design, often to audiences of rough-and-ready pioneers. You can read the entire amazing story at this link.

With no audio, video or Internet available to him, Wilde traveled nearly 15,000 miles by horse, train and wagon, generating over 500 newspaper articles, making more money than he had ever seen before and becoming the second most famous Briton in North America, behind only Queen Victoria, for whom the entire age is named.

Seth Godin

Seth GodinMore recently, Seth Godin clearly described today’s opportunity for every individual to become a thought leader, in his excellent book Tribes.

In it, Godin explains how today’s communication technologies give every one of us the opportunity to share what we know with every interested party on Earth, working as a generous educator and sincere advocate for the success of every person in our tribe to become a recognized authority in our field.

Godin believes you not only can but should gather a tribe around you. As stated in his sub-title; We Need You To Lead Us.

His point is that, by keeping your light under a bushel, you are not only denying yourself and your family the life you deserve, but you are depriving all of us the knowledge and gifts you have to share.

There is no higher calling any of us could aspire to than to help our fellow travelers.

Frank Felker

Frank FelkerFrank Felker, Founder of Digital Media Positioning, combines Wilde’s successful strategy with Godin’s digital tactics to create a clear path that anyone can follow to become a recognized authority.

Frank’s guidance is not just academic or theoretical. Over the course of his career he has created authority for himself using the same tools and techniques he now shares with his clients.

He is an best-selling author and publisher, a worldwide online educator with thousands of students on every inhabited continent, a multimedia producer, radio personality, trade magazine columnist and professional speaker who has presented at The John F. Kennedy Center and the headquarters of Texas Instruments and AOL.

His experience in working with media outlets, corporate training managers, trade show producers and publishing platforms ensures that his clients not only can but will become published, recognized authorities in their fields.

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