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Booking Your Podcast Tour with Donna Gunter

Very few of us should create our own podcast.

We just don’t have the time, technical skills or temperament for the job.

But we can still squeeze gallons of Authority Juice out of podcasting by taking a much easier route – appearing as an interview guest on other people’s podcasts.

In a recent episode of Radio Free Enterprise, Authority Positioning expert Donna Gunter explains how anyone can reach thousands of engaged, targeted prospects in a very intimate way – spending 20 minutes flowing through their earbuds.

And by following Donna’s system, you can capture a surprising number of those prospects’ email addresses as part of your online marketing program.

More important for your Authority Positioning is your ability to promote and publicize every interview – before, during and after your appearance – in press releases and via social media.

Best of all is the fact that your interviews will remain on the web – and appear in Google search results – for years. And all of this value costs you nothing.

Maybe you have a face for podcasting after all. 🙂

Give a listen to find out.