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Powerhouse Publishing is a division of Digital Media Positioning, LLC

Becoming a Published Author

Perhaps no other attribution does more to confer recognized authority than “published author.”

In spite of the tremendous turmoil in the publishing industry, having a book in your repertoire still says “expert.” And because of that same technological upheaval, writing and publishing a book has become easier than ever, with the right guide to show you the way.

Writing Your Book The Easy Way

Most successful people want to write a book, intend to write a book, talk about writing a book, but never do write a book. It’s a big task to tackle alone. But we make it easy.

We draw your book out of you in short interviews where you just relax and talk about your favorite subjects – yourself and your business.

We ask you open, leading questions that make it easy for you to give us all your best nuggets and explain how you solve your customers’ most vexing problems. We transcribe the recorded interviews and let our professional writers, editors and cover designers turn them into your new book.

All you have to do is autograph the printed copies!

Kindles and eBooks

Amazon KindleOne of the most important recent developments in the publishing world is the widespread adoption by readers of eBooks, lead by the Kindle format from Amazon.

Kindle books offer a number of benefits to aspiring writers including their minimal length requirement. Today you can publish a book which is little longer than a feature magazine article from yesteryear.

Also, because eBooks require no physical printing, storage or distribution, the cost of publishing a book is dramatically lower than ever before.

Traditional Paperbacks and Hard Cover Books

The Greatest Job You Never Thought OfIn spite of all the interest in eBooks and digital publishing, the most impressive format – relative to prospective consulting and speaking clients – remains the traditional printed book.

Here again digital technology has made the process much more easier and less expensive.

Printing and distributing huge numbers of printed books is not a challenge here at Digital Media Positioning.  We have produced hundreds of thousands of books of all shapes and sizes with almost every conceivable of binding over the years.

But for most of our clients, paying for and safely storing large quantities of printed materials doesn’t make sense. Again, today’s technology provides a solution for that longstanding problem.

While the same skills are required to professionally design, layout and prepare a book for printing, today you can have hard cover books professionally printed and bound in quantities as small as ten and paperback books produced on-demand, one at a time. This allows you to completely eliminate the need to invest in and store book inventories.

Audio Books

AudibleMany people prefer to “read” books in audio format as they drive, jog or work out. Like eBooks, audio books can be produced and published very inexpensively and then distributed through markets like Audible.com and the iTunes store.

With hundreds of hours logged in recording studios and numerous projects involving the hiring, direction and management of voice-over artists we can and have produced audiobooks with ease.

Powerhouse Publishing

Powerhouse PublishingSome authors are perfectly comfortable “self publishing” without any association to a third-party publishing house.

For those who would prefer the added prestige, we offer all our clients the opportunity to be published under our in-house shingle, Powerhouse Publishing.

This option allows you to have a unique ISBN number and a professional publishing organization listed on the copyright page at the front of your books.

No matter which publishing option you choose, you retain ownership and control over all your intellectual property.



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