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Finding Your True North

Leadership doesn’t mean what it used to.

In the not-so-distant past, successful leaders projected an impenetrable shield of infallibility and continued the beatings will until morale improved.

Not so much today.

In his far-reaching examination of modern business leadership, Discover Your True North, Bill George argues that the most important trait a successful 21st Century leader must have is authenticity.

I would argue that this trait is perhaps even more critical for anyone wishing to succeed as a thought leader.

Your audience only wants to hear your true thoughts and beliefs. Some will agree. Some will turn away. That’s okay.

Like a radio programmer, you want each listener to either turn up the volume or change the channel based upon their reaction to the real you.

If you are unwilling – or worse yet, afraid – to show us who you really are, you can never hope to be our leader, thought or otherwise.

But if you give it to us straight, right from your gut, right from your heart, our reaction will be similarly genuine.

Find your true voice and sing at the top of your lungs. Millions of us worldwide are just waiting to hear from you.

Own it Baby!