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Russ Crager

Dogs are a pretty big deal.

Americans own over 80 million of these furry friends and their care and feeding represents a $25 billion annual industry.

And along the Atlantic Coast of Georgia and South Carolina is an area locals call The LowCountry.

There are a few dogs down there along with a pretty exceptional dog trainer named Russ Crager.

You’ve probably never heard of Russ. But you will.

Russ specializes in creating calm and obedient pets from dogs that were previously described as aggressive and out of control by their owners, and even “untrainable” by other professional trainers.

He was already an Educator and Advocate, posting lots of how-to videos on YouTube which caught the attention of The Savannah Morning News.

Then we sent out a press release which was picked up by 240 news outlets across the country and generated 1,230 backlinks to his web site.

Now we’re writing his first book which is destined to become a bestseller on Amazon.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?