Home Content Marketing Jerry Gets His Radio Show

People often tell me that I have a face for radio.

Which was a fortunate trait to have back in early 2004 when a friend of mine called to ask if I could help him get his own show on a major station in the DC market.

Jerry Boutcher was a college classmate who had become a recognized expert in the residential real estate industry, presenting educational seminars to thousands of local Realtors. The market was booming and Jerry wanted to share his knowledge and guidance with current and prospective homeowners across the area.

We eventually landed a weekend spot on WMAL, – the local news/talk outlet that featured nationally syndicated personalities like Rush Limbaugh – producing a total of 83 episodes and becoming the station’s #1 rated weekend hour-long call-in show in just our third Arbitron ratings book.

I also repurposed the audio content into a podcast which became the #1 Google response for “real estate podcast” and stayed in that spot for months, even after the show went off the air.

What about you? How would your face look on radio?