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Recognized Authorities come in four flavors:

Everyman | Defender | Drill Sargent | Wizard

In order for people to accept what we have to say, they need to know where we’re coming from first.

Which of these Authority Avatars fits you best?

The Everyman
Also known as “If he can do it I can do it.” Think Richard Simmons.

The Defender
Very knowledgeable, helpful, strong and morally clear but not superhuman. Think Dave Ramsey.

The Drill Sargent
Takes no BS. Forces change by making you uncomfortable – maggot! Think Suzi Orman or Dr. Phil.

The Wizard
We can’t emulate these deities but we still follow their advice. Think Oprah, Steve Jobs.

Different avatars obviously fit different people and personalities. But they fit different service offerings as well. What works for a fitness coach may not be good for a doctor.

Still can’t decide which avatar is the real you? Give me a call.