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“Are you writing a book so you will have something to sell or are you writing a book so you will have something that sells you?”

This important question, frequently posed to aspiring authors by the inimitable Jack Mize, synopsizes the thesis of a book I have just finished reading.

In Publish To Sell, Long Term Income From Short Term Effort, author Alex Goldstein encourages thought leaders to write their next book with only one kind of reader in mind: high-end buyers of their specialized product or service.

Whether your area of expertise is plastic surgery, criminal defense, wealth management, general contracting or virtually any other high-cost, knowledge-based niche service, Goldestein’s assertion is that you will be able to sell much more of it – much more quickly – by writing a book on the topic that targets you perfect prospects as readers.

I’m with Alex on this one.

“The best clients can be worth 20 times the average client, and a book brings them to you.”

Alex Goldstein, Publish To Sell