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Frank Felker Created The Official BNI Podcast

Ever thought about launching a podcast?

Dr. Ivan Misner never had, until Digital Media Positioning Founder Frank Felker persuaded him back in 2007 that it was the perfect way to communicate directly with his tens of thousands of BNI members scattered around the globe.

Today The Official BNI Podcast has produced over 430 episodes, which places his show in the top one-half of one percent of all podcasts ever launched, based on pure longevity.

In 2008 Frank was hired by Isagenix, the $500 million Arizona nutrition and skincare company, to launch The Official Isagenix Podcast.

Today Isagenix has thousands of episodes organized into four different categories with scores more being produced every month.

These two international organizations have now reached millions of listeners around the world through this powerful audio medium – podcasting – which today boasts over 1 billion subscriptions on the iTunes Store alone.

Frank also has a podcast of his own called Radio Free Enterprise with subscribers around the globe.

If you’ve been thinking about launching a podcast, now is the perfect time, with computers and smartphones increasingly being removed from the listening process.

Over 50% of 2016 model year vehicles are slated to have direct podcast listening capability. Smart TVs and over-the-top boxes like AppleTV, Roku and Amazon Fire Stick already allow in-home streaming.


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