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Nothing succeeds like success.

This is especially true when it comes to Authority Positioning. People will much more readily recognize your expertise if others do first.

Social Proof is a powerful thing. So it’s critical to leverage every bit of coverage you get for as long as you can – to make sure everyone knows about it. That’s how you get and keep The Authority Snowball rolling downhill.

In this picture you see my clients Moh Ducis and Jay Snap from Black Knight Events posing with two fashion models they brought to Fox 5 studios in Washington, DC to talk about an event they are producing in town May 23rd.

They only received 3:30 of air time this past Sunday morning but the photos they staged and shot while on set will live on, telling the story of their appearance forever and opening doors to many more opportunities going forward.

Once you get the snowball rolling there’s no telling how big it will get. Give me a call if you’re ready to give yours a push.