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The One-Copy Best Seller

How many books do you need to sell to make real money?

Chuck Boyce says just one, if you’ve got the right reader.

In his recent interview on Radio Free Enterprise, Chuck tells the story of tax attorney Darren Mish, whom he helped publish a book entitled The IRS Battle Guide which quickly became a best seller on Kindle.

But that wasn’t how Mish truly profited from his book.

No, the BIG money came from three five-figure engagements he landed because he was the guy “who wrote the book” on preparing to fight the IRS.

If you have a book on your bucket list you owe it to yourself to spend about 20 minutes learning from a man whose entire business is showing entrepreneurs and professionals how to skyrocket their revenues by becoming published authors.

Oh, and that’s just ONE of the nuggets Chuck shares.