Home Digital Media Positioning The Sound of A Shotgun Being Racked

Different sounds trigger different reactions in different people.

But, for most of us, there is one sound that demands our immediate attention.

The strong metallic noise made by a shotgun being racked is so recognizable and emotionally provocative that it is used almost incessantly in films and television.

Even people who have never held a shotgun or even been in the same room with one recognize and react to that sound instantly.

“Trust triggers” created by Authority Positioning have a similar impact on us Frank.

We immediately recognize and respond to expertise whenever we witness someone:

  • Speak from the stage
  • Appear on television
  • Get interviewed on a podcast or radio program
  • Contribute to or be quoted in a newspaper or trade publication
  • Become a best-selling author
  • Receive an award

These sights and sounds speak of the person’s knowledge, generosity and communication skills. We instantly recognize their authority and see them as a guru, an expert in their field.

My point is this: I think it’s about time you racked your shotgun.