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Your Personal Marketing Roadmap

Will this be the year you establish your recognized authority?

If you’re ready to make a dramatic change in your personal and professional status in the next few months, I’m ready to give you a tremendous incentive to get started this week.

If you start right now, in the next twelve months you could achieve any or all of these changes in how you are perceived in the marketplace:

  • Published, Best-Selling Author
  • In-Demand Public Speaker at Meetings and Conferences
  • Social Media Maven with Hundreds of Posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Specialized Information Video Producer with An Awesome YouTube Channel
  • Host of Your Own Podcast on The iTunes Store
  • Sought-After Interview Guest for Broadcasts and Streaming Media
  • Global Educator with a Personally-Branded Online School
  • Local, National or Global Subject Matter Expert

Your Personal Marketing Roadmap is a customized examination of where you are today and what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Normally a $2,500 investment, I am offering a 40% discount for the first five clients who are prepared to make a commitment this week.

It’s up to you Frupe. You can take advantage of this offer and begin your authority journey immediately.

Or you can let it – and all of 2016 – pass you by without making significant progress building your personal brand.

All it takes to move forward is $1,500 and a commitment to your own success.

What’s that you say? You remember me making this same offer back in January?

Well if you were one of the folks who took me up on it then you’d be half way home by now, wouldn’t you?

Bon Voyage, Frank

Frank Felker