Home Authority Theory & Principles Authority Only Offers Three Benefits

Why should you become a recognized authority?

Only three reasons I can think of:

  1. More Clients
  2. Shorter Sales Cycles
  3. Easier, More Profitable Customers

More Clients?
Your authority status is a clear competitive differentiator, an obvious reason to do business with you instead of any of your Me Too competitors. Authority makes the phone ring.

Shorter Sales Cycles?
People don’t haggle with authorities, they already know they want to do business with you before they call for help.

Easier, More Profitable Customers?
The folks that can afford and most benefit from your premium services are generally the easiest people to do business with.

And your position as the recognized authority makes them much less likely to question or disagree with you.

So, that’s it, just three direct benefits of authority positioning.

Of course there are all the indirect benefits…

Like the speaking engagements, press interviews, radio and podcast appearances, best-seller pridefulness, hand shaking and back slapping.

But we’ll leave those for a future blog post.