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To tweet or not to tweet? That is today’s question.

I’ve had a Twitter account for years but never use it much – mostly because I don’t really understand Twitter, how it works or what it’s good for.

At the same time, experience has taught me that the best way to learn what a digital communication tool or social media platform is all about is to use it, even if you’re starting from a point of complete (and painful) ignorance.

Or maybe because that’s where you’re starting from.

I also know that thousands of thought leaders and subject matter experts believe that Twitter is the fastest way to connect with like-minded humans worldwide.

So next week I’m embarking on a campaign to learn it by using it. A lot.

If you’re starting from a similar level of Twitter Ignorance, you may want to follow along. I’m sure to make a few mistakes, step on a few toes and commit a faux pas or two, but what the heck?

If you’re going to make a mistake you may as well do it on a global scale, right? 🙂