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Photography Studio 1893

They say a picture paints a thousand words. That’s why it’s so important that you have a lot of them, showing you doing your great work.

The words are the thing – the words those pictures will paint about you in people’s minds.

Frank Felker at Print Leader ConferenceWhen striving for recognition, many people go for “grip-and-grins,” shots of them shaking hands with recognizable personalities. But the words painted by those pictures often don’t tell the story you’d like to have told.

Much better are the photos that show you speaking, teaching, helping, working. Those shots tell us about the real you.

The first time I had an opportunity a short presentation at a trade event, I handed my camera to a friend and asked him to get a shot of me. That photo was the first step in my journey of recognized authority in the printing industry 20+ years ago.

The hardest step in this task is often the first one – asking someone to take your picture.

But there’s no need to be shy. You always look great when you’re doing your best work!